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Human Rights Violation In Cote D'Ivoire

Women Right Defenders in Prison

Currently in Cote D'Ivoire Human Rights Defenders Especially Women have been incarcerated for claiming their rights to freedom. It has been almost a year since the incarceration of Political Prisoners and Activists.

Find the FFR report on Ivory Coast Here


Koné Kamaraté Souleymane (Soûl)

Arrested for being part of the opposition and defending human rights activists.


Alain Lobognon 

Member of Parliament of Cote d'Ivoire

Arrested in Abidjan for being part of the opposition.  defending human rights activists and undermining public order and authority of the state. 

Police Reprimending Peaceful Protestors

Find the FFR report on the Police Abuse in Ivory Coast Here

Human Rights Activits Being detained by the Police

Find the FFR report on the Human Right Violation in Ivory Coast Here

Woman Activit lost families memebers due to Political Violence

Find the FFR report on the Political Violence in Ivory Coast Here

Police has detaining Protestors fighting for equal rights in Ivory Coast

Find the FFR report on Protestors being denied of the civil right in Ivory Coast Here

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