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Our strength lies in collective action. Whether you have five minutes to spare or want to get deeply involved, Amnesty International has a way for you to make your voice heard.

You can sign a petition, attend a local group meeting, help organize a protest, follow a certain issue, volunteer, donate, or become a member. Fair Freedom Rights makes it easy to make a difference.


We are a grassroots membership organization – with volunteers dedicated to ride, run, and carry out our mission to protect human rights.

With more than thousands of members, supporters, and local community leaders in the United States and worldwide, FFR is the world’s vital grassroots human rights organization.

Volunteers carry out major life-threatening roles, shaping, organizing, and managing local associations, they promote major reforms and legislative advocacy, and they connect/ involve with more people in fighting for human rights.

It is amazing to see how grassroots people and volunteers are moving forward in changing the world.



You can donate by clicking 

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+1 3473421388

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